Drawer Slider and Metal Hardware Manufacturer

Dongrong Metal Products began by producing epoxy-coated roller drawer slides in 1987. We are the first drawer slide manufacturer in China as no one did this before us. While we have branched out into other industries and extended our metal hardware product line to cover TV wall mounts, projector screens, glass TV stands, and hydroponic equipment, the drawer slide line remains an important aspect of our business. If you need reliable strong metal products, Dongrong Metal Products is your final destination. From shelves to TV stand to projector screens to complete hydroponic systems, our products have been widely accepted all over the globe.

    1. Ball Bearing Drawer Slide, 45 Series

      Also known as drawer glides or drawer runners, the 45 series ball bearing drawer slides close gently, automatically without a sound even when slammed shut. The soft-closing mechanism buffers the loud, uncontrolled action so your drawer can settle closed gradually instead of abruptly.

    1. Ball Bearing Drawer Slide, 27 Series

      27.02C Ball Bearing Slides
      Slide Width: 27mm
      Outer rails comes with adjustable brackets to make installation easier.
      Dual-rail track
      Load Capacity: 15kg/pr (33-lb)
      Slide Length: 250-400mm
      Surface Finish: Zinc coating of a white or black color

    1. Concealed Undermount Drawer Slide, Single Extension

      Concealed Under-Mounts Slides (Single extension)
      Fast and easy to assemble with no tools required.
      Eliminates violent slamming.
      Soft-close drawer slide enables smooth, easy, and quiet movement.
      Galvanized steel requires no further coating operation.

    1. TV Stand

      Model: DRM-2-B
      Product Size: 1110 w×508 d×1420 h(mm)
      Net weight: 43.5 kg
      Flat panel console with swivel floating bracket
      For flat panel TVs up to 50 in & 135 lb

    1. Ceiling Recessed Projector Screen

      Mounted in the deep recess of a ceiling, the ceiling recessed projector screen gives a cleanly look after installation. Simple structured and rigid, this projection screen is easy to use and pre-assembled at factory.

    1. Household Vertical Farm

      The idea of growing your own food at home has encouraged many gardening enthusiasts to start a household vertical farm on their own property. This tiny, lightweight vertical farming system has all the benefits of an industrial-scale model plus separately-built water.

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  • While we pride ourselves on the stunning variety of furniture hardware we can provide, we realize that sometimes it is our service that sets us apart from other metal products suppliers. We implement our daily operations in accord with ISO9001 quality management system standards and give our utmost to serve every customer.