About Us

Dongrong Metal Products had a small start as a drawer slide manufacturer in 1987. We are so proud of the fact that we are the first company to develop power-coated drawer slides. 29 years in the making, we have evolved and augmented our product line to cover other furniture hardware products including hinges, glass TV stands, TV brackets, shelves, and hydroponic systems.

About Us

With more 3,000 workers on staff, Dongrong Metal Products owns and operates out of a stately manufacturing complex that spans 250,000 square meters. We’ve built world-class manufacturing facilities where electroplating, injection molding, thermosetting powder production, automatic spray painting, die casting, silk-printing, precision machining, glass tempering and packaging operations are carried out.

Developing History

Over our 29-year history, DRM has always been committed to the design and manufacture of furniture hardware. Our many outstanding engineering feats and the pioneering spirit we have honored bring us to where we are today.

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